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"Launch of the best-selling book by Master Kim"

Atualizado: 4 de fev.

“Launch of the best-selling book by Master Kim, the book Wing Chun Kung Fu - Mook Jong (108 Techniques of Ip Man’s Wooden Dummy)”

Wing Chun Kung Fu Mudjong


The Wooden Dummy fascinates practitioners of any martial arts style. Undoubtedly, today it is used in any gym, even if it is not a Kung Fu gym, to attract students. However, most do not know the correct movements and end up inventing techniques without any sense to involve and gain more students. The Mudjong (wooden dummy) is exclusively from the Kung Fu martial art. What we will present here are the 108 correct positions of it. So if you choose to put a dummy or just train, you will know all the movements correctly.

“Where to buy this magnificent work”

“Leave your comment, it’s very important to me, thank you Master Kim!”

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